Pastors R&R produces audio and/or video (including photographic) materials for promotional purposes in an effort to gain acceptance, support and understanding of its mission, and to provide information. In all such audio/visual materials, Pastors R&R seeks to advance the dignity of all persons involved and reflect Christian values.

I hereby authorize and consent to being depicted in such audio/visual materials for publication, and release any and all rights I may have in such audio/visual materials, including any right to privacy. I hereby release Pastors R&R from any and all liability and damages whatsoever for the use of the audio/visual material in accordance with this Consent.

Such audio/visual material may be modified or retouched in any way that Pastors R&R deems advisable and I hereby consent to any such modification or retouching.

This consent can only be revoked by me in a writing delivered to Pastors R&R, and revocation will not be effective until actually received by Pastors R&R. Revocation will not affect the validity of this consent as to any publication prior to actual receipt of the revocation by Pastors R&R.

This Consent is not assignable without my further written consent.

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