“…Pastors R&R is an amazing ministry!  They don’t just tell you that they care.  They show you.  Our whole family felt very special and honored… It was wonderful to see the layers of stress just melt off of [my husband's] shoulders.  He was able to reconnect with each one of our small kids.  He wasn’t Pastor [M] anymore…he was Daddy for two whole weeks.  The kids didn’t have to compete with [his] schedule, phone or students for his attention.  It was a beautiful sight that I will never forget.  Yes, I also enjoyed feeling like a family again….We had two weeks of pure joy and a touch of Heaven!… We were not just able to connect as a family but we were able to connect with God in a new way.  It’s incredible to sit on the shore of a mighty ocean and feel the presence of God.  God is great.  Our children…saw God giving to them in a very real way that they were able to grasp and feel… We will never forget this experience.” ~ Rev. & Mrs. M. M. & Family

“We can’t begin to thank you enough for our amazing vacation!  As always, God knew just what we needed and right when we needed it!  Thank you for being that vessel that God used to provide our family with some sweet rest.  What a joy for our family to have uninterrupted time with [J.M.]…and how glorious to see the stress melt off [his] face as he spent quite mornings on the beach with the Lord and crazy afternoons at the beach with 11 of us! :)  We are truly thankful!  All praise be to God for all the riches He supplies… We will never forget this vacation and your kindness toward us.” ~ Rev. & Mrs. J. M. & Family

“I cannot thank your organization enough for making this vacation possible.  It was, by far, the most relaxing and enjoyable vacation our family has ever been able to experience.  It also came at a great time.  This past year has been the toughest and most discouraging time of ministry for me in my 16 years of full time ministry.  The vacation allowed me a time to relax (the two-week time period was wonderful) and reconnect with my family and God.  There are still many difficult situations that we need to deal with, but I definitely feel refreshed and ready to get back in the battle.  I thank God for your efforts and organization.  You are meeting a great need in the Kingdom in a wonderful and loving way.  Thank you so very, very much!  [And, in a letter to the host property owners wrote]… God used you and others to make this happen and, in doing so, encouraged me and helped me to remember that God is still in control and is watching over my family and I.” ~ Rev. & Mrs. A. L. & Family

“Vacation was awesome! =)… it was the first time in 3 years that [my husband] actually unplugged from church stuff.  It was just very special for our family, and I believe it was life-giving to [my husband] as he faces another hard year of solo pastoring… This time is definitely a favorite family memory!  Thank you so much for making it possible.  We will treasure it.” ~ Rev. & Mrs. J. C. & Family

“Our vacation was FABULOUS!  We indeed created many wonderful memories to carry us through the years!…We are so grateful to God, to Pastors R&R and to [our hosts] for making our vacation a reality.  We are not able to get away much, our daughters are growing up too quickly, and what a blessing to be able to spend some time together as a family away from everything, enjoying God’s creation and just having some “down” time.  Thank you for a much needed vacation! ~ Rev. & Mrs. J. H. & Family

“We had a wonderful time… I seriously cannot think of anything that would have made this vacation more perfect… enjoyed just having time to spend together as a family.  Both of our jobs are extremely demanding, not to mention the additional pressures that are put on pastors and their families.  To have time to just be together and reconnect as a family was so needed, and so amazing.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your generosity, and for listening to God’s prompting!” ~ Rev. & Mrs. D. S. & Family

“…We went to Florida and for two weeks felt pampered and cared for… If it were not for your vacation and the opportunity to rest, there would have been a great possibility, under the stress I was under, that I would have left the ministry. Yet, because I was able to have that rest that you all provided, I was able to make good decisions and hear what God was sharing with me… I sit here with tears in my eyes today thanking you… You all blessed my family in a way that cannot be expressed fully in words… May God continue to reach other pastors and their families through you and may God continue to bless you all.”~ Rev. & Mrs. M. T. & Family

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’ll never know how this has helped us get through a rough time.” ~ Rev. & Mrs. R. K. & Family

“Words could never express how much you and your organization have helped us. Thank you for your kindness and your hard work in putting together a very timely vacation for us. If God would ever bless us with a vacation property, we will contact you so we may be able to help someone else. Thank you so much for being a blessing to us and many others through your ministry.” ~ Rev. & Mrs. D. D.

“We just returned home from our 2 week vacation to Florida… Everything about our church these last 2 years has been HARD, DISCOURAGING and SAD… [We] were at our breaking points. Ready to call it quits. This much needed time away has blessed us so much! We were able to do many fun things… rest, relax, talk, read God’s Word, meet many wonderful people, spend much needed time together, see new things, grow closer together and heal some and fill up some… we are feeling fresh, strong and much more ready to minister… God’s grace and strength and love [have] filled us and touched us… I can’t express how much I am thankful to all those involved in planning and sacrificing for our vacation. It truly has made a world of difference in our lives, which in turn, God willing, will make a difference in those lives God has entrusted us to minister to. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Knowing that there are people out there who care so much… and are willing to be so generous… makes the experience so much more refreshing. It feels so good to know that someone, somewhere cares and appreciates.” ~ Name withheld by request.

“I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed our vacation. It was so very needed! We were both drained emotionally and physically. We would have never gone on vacation for 2 weeks without your program. We enjoyed every minute. When we got home there was a noticeable difference in our countenance. People could see we were refreshed and more importantly our joy was restored. I still smile when I tell people what a great vacation we had. Thank you for your ministry. It has truly blessed our lives.” ~ Rev. & Mrs. J. F.