Q.  Who is the Pastors R&R (PRR) program for?

A.  The PRR program provides the use of vacation properties (two consecutive weeks per year) for a much-needed time of reconnection, rest and renewal, to full-time Christian pastors and ministry leaders (and their immediate family members), whose total combined income (approximately $65,000 or less including all benefits/allowances) makes it difficult or impossible to otherwise take a vacation. We strongly encourage ministers to take their children with them on their vacation, however, when circumstances warrant, a pastor and his/her spouse might be eligible to participate without their children, at the sole discretion of Pastors R&R. PLEASE NOTE: The PRR program is designed specifically for ministry families and is not available to ministers who are single.

Q.  How do I get an application for a Pastors R&R (PRR) getaway?

A.  Click on the Online Application link above and follow the instructions. On that page you will find PDF documents to download and fill out, as well as online links to our application and other forms.

Q.  How is the application process handled?

A.  After your application is received, you will be contacted by a PRR staff member for a phone interview. Your application, responses from your references, and the information you provide during your phone interview, will then be reviewed by at least two PRR Board Members. After a determination of acceptance or denial has been made, you will be notified.

Q.  If I’m approved, what happens next?

A.  Once your application has been approved, a PRR staff member will contact you to make arrangements (i.e., location, dates, etc.).  A PRR staff member and/or the vacation property owner will be available to guide you through the process from start to finish.

Q.  Are travel expenses included?

A.   At this time, unfortunately, the PRR program does not have funding readily available to help with travel expenses. We ask that you please check with your resources first (church/board or otherwise), before you contact us to request financial assistance. However, if your resources are not able to assist you, and you are still in definite need of help, please let us know. A private donor might be able to help. Our desire is that, as our resources grow, we will be able to offer more assistance. When the need is urgent, somehow, someway, we have always been able to help to some degree, but it can be a challenge for us.

NOTE:  We ask that you please count the cost of your trip and consider your schedule before we accept your application and make your arrangements.  We have had an increasing number of applicants decide after we completed processing their application and making their arrangements, that they are not going to take a vacation, after all, due to financial/scheduling reasons that were present when they applied.  Processing an application and making a reservation involve a substantial amount of time for the staff and property owners, which we are all very happy to provide on your behalf, if you know you will be able to take a vacation, if approved.  Thank you for your understanding!

Q.  Which months of the year are available through PRR for me to book my vacation? 

A.  Although the PRR program generally offers vacations  year-round (but on a limited basis, depending upon availability, from September through May), we ask that pastors without children, those who have children in preschool, or those who home school, schedule their vacation anytime EXCEPT the months of June, July or August.  This will help enable us to have enough host homes available for families with children, or children in school/college.

Q.  What condition are the host homes in?  Are they furnished? 

A.   Our host homes are well-kept, in above-average condition, and are located in nice areas.  They are set up just like a home, with a fully-equipped kitchen, living/family/and or great room, bathroom(s), bedcrooms(s), etc.  A washer and dryer are usually on-site or available, and linens are generally included.  Guests need only bring their clothes, personal items and toiletries.  In the event it becomes necessary for you to bring any additional supplies or items, a Pastors R&R staff member will inform you accordingly.

Q.  If I qualify for the program, how long will my getaway be?

 A.  Pastors R&R requires a two-week vacation, including travel time (very few exceptions apply).  A minimum stay of 12 days (exclusive of travel) at the host home is required, unless you are approved otherwise, due to special PRR circumstances.  In most cases, if you are looking to get away for less than 12 days (excluding travel time), your application for a  PRR vacation will not be approved.  Also, we do not offer longer stays or sabbaticals.

 Q.  Can I bring guests on my vacation?  

 A.  The PRR program is specifically designed for the minister and his immediate family.  Under special circumstances, and with the prior, written consent of Pastors R&R and the property owner, additional guests (extended family members) might be approved.   Non-related guests will NOT be approved.

Q.  Can I bring my pet(s)?

 A.  Out of respect for the property owner and other guests who may have allergies, NO PETS are allowed.  Sorry, no exceptions!

Q.  What is your cancellation policy?

 A.  Pastors R&R requires at least 30-days-notice, preferably 60 days, (unless there is a true emergency) so we can attempt to fill your reservation with another pastor and family.  Generally, speaking, pastors are unable to make vacation plans with short notice so, the less notice we receive, the more likely it is that we will be unable to fill your spot, resulting in wasted time at the property (and sometimes lease money) and, potentially, the loss of an opportunity for another family to have a vacation. Failure to promptly contact us will likely disqualify you from future participation in the PRR program. 

Q.  Can I use the program more than once?

 A.  Yes, however, due to the relatively high number of applications we receive, we must limit each family to one getaway every 12 months.  We want to make sure that all approved, first-time applicants have an opportunity to take advantage of our program.

Q.  I have a question that was not addressed on this web page.  Who do I contact for help?

 A.  Please feel free to contact us with your questions and/or concerns at:

Pastors R&R

26901 Eckel Rd.

Perrysburg, OH 43551

ph/386.259.4945; fax/386.259.4914

info@pastorsrr.com; www.pastorsrr.com